Case Studies

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The Challenge

  • Provide the client with records of financial sanctions or other risk indicators across its entire range of international business relationships
  • Offer maximum security with notifications as soon as possible should the situation change
  • Monitor information securely and with minimal disruption to the client’s internal operations

Our Solution

Our CRSGuard and  CRSAssist service enabled the client to screen their customer base against a wide range of global watch-lists, a database of politically exposed persons and special interest entities, which are constantly updated to deliver alerts whenever a new potential match is found. Our expert analysts review these alerts according to a robust, client-agreed procedure, ensuring that immediate action can be taken.


Constant compliance is achieved by the use of a monitoring service, as opposed to a periodic rescreen method. As sanctions change, the client is immediately made aware. All potential matches are securely held in our online portal and reviewed by our skilled analysts, ensuring that there is minimal impact to the client’s internal operational resources.

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