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A little company history, our ethos and how we do things differently.


In 2009, ComplianceAssist was founded with the clear vision to make high quality, robust screening solutions available to all companies that required them.  To help us focus on our direction, we have four key goals that are applied to everything we do:

  • Simplify processing
  • Minimise cost
  • Reduce impact
  • Improve compliance

By delivering a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) solution, our services are provisioned quickly, with high levels of security and resilience built in.  Impact on clients' internal technology teams is kept to a minimum and no installation charges.

We also understand that screening isn't always about technology and that it can also have an operational impact on our clients' businesses too. To solve this, our Assist service was created, providing clients with  access to analysts when support is required.

Working with market leaders, we provide access to some of the best data and services available. Delivered through a unifying customer portal, with a range of integration options and analysts available to support, we are able to provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution.

In our first 5 years, we have been able to build up and retain a large client base, including a range of significant clients. This success has enabled greater investment in our technology.  The next generation of our customer portal was released in 2015, delivering an increase in the core services we can offer.

As our business continues to grow, we intend to stay true to our core aims. We will work to ensure clients are receiving the best support possible, whilst continually evolving the services offered.

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