Providing clients with much needed support to review potential matches.

Speed up your implementation, no need for recruitment or training and remove delays from your processing. Our analysts are available to work alongside your business either on a temporary or ongoing basis.

Once your screening solution is up and running the first challenge comes with the initial screening of your data. When this takes place clients usually wish to review any potential matches to ensure nothing exists in the current data that has been previously overlooked. Depending on the size of your database and the watchlists being screened against, this could be hundreds or thousands of potential matches to review.

Next, comes the day to day screening. Changes in data, new customers or partners and changes in the watchlists creates further potential matches. With a lower volume this is more manageable, but with staff busy, reviews may not occur as quickly as desired.

Whether your requirement is for ongoing support or help with the initial screening, our potential match review service is designed to ease this stress on your business. 


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