Flexible customer screening solutions for an ever changing compliance landscape.


Global regulators are putting more and more pressure on financial firms to have extensive controls in place around the parties they provide services to.

The compliance regulations around anti-money laundering are continually evolving. International events are resulting in a greater use of sanctions. This all leads to escalating costs of compliance and increased stress on internal resources.

Getting the controls wrong is not an option, with regulators getting increasingly aggressive in their enforcement actions.

ComplianceAssist provides a range of services that can be integrated to yours own systems or accessed via an online portal. All designed to speed up the process of customer take on and providing high levels of on-going compliance.

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Case study

Funding Knight

In 2012, crowd lending specialists Funding Knight asked for help from ComplianceAssist to protect their service from the risk of money laundering. At the time this sector was not regulated by the FCA, but Funding Knight were keen to take steps that would ensure quality of service.

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